Helping out with the Event Riders Association Ball

Sadly I have been really busy so haven’t been able to update my blog, which I’ve really missed doing. Part of the reason for my hectic life recently was because I have been helping to plan the Event Riders Association Ball held at Ingleside house in Cirencester. ERA is for all event riders. They liaise with the governing bodies of the sport on behalf of riders around the world, aiming to help improve events and the sport at all levels. My role was to help with the planning of the event and design the table decor which I really enjoyed. Previously, pre-kids, I was a textile and art tutor and exhibited my work internationally. Some amazing photos of the night (and a few humorous ones of me) were taken by the Photographer Katie Mortimer and can be seen by following the link

I hope now to catch up with my blog… tell you about the end of our season, a nasty accident that happened a week ago and my plans for the winter period.