Our fully Equiped Bar

Today marks the start of a three day stint for me at the famed Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials. I will be working for the website Eventing World Wide, under the editorship of Jess Crocker.

For the past few months I have been assisting Jess in developing the fashion and lifestyle areas of the website as this has such a big part to play within the world of eventing. It is great to have the opportunity to research, review and write about two of the things I truly love – fashion and eventing.

At Badminton I will be working with my sponsor and now good friend Lauren Causer from Lens Vanity Photography. We met when I applied to be a supported rider, about a year ago. From that point on we became great friends and Lauren has personally shared some of the trials and tribulations that I write about in my blog. Although almost 20 years separates our age we have a really supportive relationship and I’ve appreciated Lauren’s kind words and help with my little horse Wanda. She is never judgemental and always has some useful guidance which has far superseded out relationship of sponsor – rider.

But enough of the friendship… back to Badminton! We decided to arrive last night as our journey was a good three hour drive from Cambridge. Although arriving in the dark with a tent to pitch was not what we had planned… nor was forgetting the air bed pump! As to be expected there were plenty of friendly eventing fans on site who helped us out. It struck me what a lovely crowd of people they are. Even the rather drunken farmer lads conversation that kept us awake last night had us in stitches… ‘Are you partial to meringue? Mummy makes the best meringues ever! I love meringues’. Yes… you heard it here first… meringues are the way forwards!

Although we were camping Lauren had brought a full cocktail bar and we had a quick After Eight cocktail before settling in…

So here we are… our first day of reporting. For those not so acquainted with the media tent at Badminton I hope to bring you a taste of what it’s like. I have to say after previous experiences it is some of the hardest work that I’ve ever done. You have to be so on the ball, absorbing all around you and thinking how best to convey this to the wider world. With the speed that social media provides and apps such as Periscope there are many ways in which you can convey images, news and atmosphere. Most of our work will be presented in the EWW website www.eventingworldwide.com but also on the Twitter @EventingWWNEWS and if you are here come say hello!

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