Lots of Great News for Team Black and White


Things have been on the look up here with loads of exciting news to share.

As you now Wanda and I have been shortlisted in the finals of the Equestrian Social Media Awards.

We are in Category 5, best use of social media by an amateur rider. There are also loads of other great finalists, so if you like what we do click on the link below and vote for us. We really appreciate your support 🙂


Voting closes at 4pm (GMT) on the 7th February.


In other news I’ve also been lucky enough to be supported by local Equine Suppliers Forelock and Load. http://www.forelockandload.com/

Kirstie and her team are supplying Wanda and myself with some new kit and we will be helping out with their product testing and blogging amongst other things.

I’m really thrilled by this new partnership and it’s great to be working with such lovely people who are local to me. More news about this will be coming soon…


And good things must come in 3’s as I have also been selected as one of two supported riders for the company Lens Vanity Photography. https://www.facebook.com/lensvanityphotography

I will be proudly wearing Lens-Vanity kit while out competing and Lauren will be attending some of our events to take photos of us hopefully winning! How spoilt to have our own photographer for the day!

So all in all a really busy and rewarding time for us both… can’t wait for 1st March and our first event at Isleham which is our local. Kicking on into 2014 🙂


More great news – Im a finalist in the ESMA’s


On Monday I found out that I have been lucky enough to be nominated as a finalist in the 2014 Equestrian Social Media Awards. The ESMA team received 17,131 nominations from 5,109 individuals. Then had the tremendously difficult task of selecting 10-11 finalists in each category from over 395 entrants. So it’s a real honour to be up there with some of the amazing bloggers, Tweeters and Facebookers and social media experts that share the finalists roll call.

There are a range of categories to vote for and I’m in category 5, best use of social media by an amateur rider including the this  blog on https://bandweventing.wordpress.com/ Twitter accounts @The_Flying_Cow , @bandw_eventing and Wanda’s own Facebook page… Wanda the Flying Cow pony

If you have time to vote for me, or any of the other really cool individuals and brands that would be great. I’m pleased to say #TwitterEventing which I help to admin is also represented in category 15.

Voting is simple… follow the link and tick the boxes. Many thanks and hope you enjoy my blogging as much as I enjoy sharing my adventures with you. It’s the chat, random conversations, encouragement and shared interest that make equine social media so special and such a really enjoyable way to meet new friends and keep up with old ones.


Latest training and Nominating for the Equine Social Media Awards

Its been a busy time of year for me and less so for Wanda. I’m still recovering from my accident a month ago where we were hit by a car out hacking. I’m able to ride, but not every day and my lower leg has been very sore. Despite this I’m keeping my jumping and flatwork going as I am nervous about ‘getting out of the loop’ so to speak. Last week we had our first jump in a month and Wanda was firing on all cylinders as you can see by the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0J-1_HxRzs

I think Wanda’s jumping is really developing now and her canter is so much more powerful. I can really attribute this to the more intensive flatwork sessions I have been developing. Lots of trot poles and raised poles and much more lateral work. Wanda really thrives on this sort of work. This week I have a dressage lesson with Matt Cox planned and I’m really excited about this. I have recently started working with Matt and we are aiming to get Wanda out doing some elementary British Dressage tests soon. http://www.mcdressage.co.uk/

I also have a jumping lesson booked with my eventing trainer Val Gingell as I’m realising it wont be long til the season starts again and I want to hit the ground running!

In other news the nominations are open for the Equine Social Media Awards 2014. http://www.equestriansocialmediaawards.com/news-stories/public-nominations-for-the-2014-esmas-are-now-open-1463

Until December 20th, you can nominate your favorite equestrian businesses, personalities, charities and brands in the world of social media through this website, from the list of pre-registered entries.

I have been registered in categories 2, 5 and 14. So if you like what I do through my blog or twitter account @bandw_eventing do take the time to let ESMA know via the nomination form http://www.equestriansocialmediaawards.com/nominations

Those with the best nomination and personal statements about what they do will be put forward to the final public vote. So take a look at some of the great people and organisations using social media throughout the equestrian world.