Black and White eventing is the pairing of Nikki Goldup – eventing mum, blogger and social media fanatic, and Wayward Wanderer – known as Wanda to her friends, or ‘The Flying Cow Pony’

“I’m a busy mum of 3 sons, all under 9 years old. When I’m not looking after my kids I’m at work earning the money to pay for my passion – caring for, training and competing my mare Wanda. I previously evented to Intermediate level, I then had an 18 year break and returned to the saddle in 2010” Nikki Goldup the voice behind Black and White Eventing

More about Nikki

My name is Nikki and I live on a farm just outside Newmarket with my partner and 3 sons . In addition to raising my children I run my business ‘Black and White Creative’, a content creation and design agency for the equestrian industry. I have worked as a stylist, fashion and art lecturer and also exhibit my art work internationally. I have a love for style, design and fashion that I carry over into my equine activities, reviews and writing via this blog. Previously I had ridden as a teenager and evented up to Intermediate level and did a lot of show jumping. I then had a break of about 18 years and started riding again when my second son was 4 months old; I also rode until I was 36 weeks pregnant with my last child. I hope that my shared experiences encourage other parents to get back into the saddle and follow their equestrian dreams.

More about Wanda

I’m lucky enough to ride and compete on Wayward Wanderer, a 15.2hh, WB x Gypsy cob that I had brought from a local rider Tessa Frost. Wanda (or Wayward Wanderer as she is formally known) had evented with Tessa and done some British Dressage. I’ve owned Wanda since June 2012. The first horse that I owned when I returned to riding wasn’t entirely suitable for eventing and in my personal life I was also going through quite a rough time. Sometimes I think you don’t find good horses, they find you and Wanda literally came knocking on our door. Wanda is the sort of horse that is very confident, worldly wise and always makes you happy when you ride her. I compete at affiliated Eventing, Show jumping and Dressage competitions and also do some dressage freestyle, coming 5th at the BRC Championships in 2015. Wanda is the horse of a lifetime and you can read more about our adventures on our blog.

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