Is blogging worth it?

My last equine blog was published on 1st January 2017, a summary of some stressful, but also positive times, 4 years after I had started the Black and White Eventing blog back in 2013. Reading my older blogs is a strange experience. Like having a drink with an ex, familiar and at the same time slightly awkward. The years between then and now have flown fast, I am approaching fifty years on this planet, and sometimes I feel that time should just slow down a little, pause for a while so I could take a breath. Perhaps that was what lockdown was all about? … A pause, a breath, time to think.  Traversing through the ‘new normal’ with varying degrees of frustration but blessed that my family and horses are healthy and happy.

So back to the notion of the ‘pause’… where am I now? Fortunately, my career has evolved so I work from home, running a digital media agency. Back in 2013 I was a mum of 2 young boys writing about my little piebald horse. That writing led to so many opportunities for me. Working at major international events, commissioned to pen chapters for publications, blogging and producing content for the likes of British Eventing, equine businesses and all sorts of print and online publications. The pieces of the jigsaw have fallen nicely together for me and I have been able to combine my interests and training in design with writing and digital media work. Back in 2013 the network of equine bloggers was small, and many of us levitated towards Twitter as our platform of choice for chat, socialising and fast news sharing, while writing our blogs on a weekly basis. The Twitter platform has changed a lot since then, and it appears not as widely used by the equine industry as Instagram, You Tube and more recently TikTok. A shift for blogging as content can be created and uploaded in minutes literally in the middle of a field. Times are a changing and I often question is there a place for longer winded, slower paced, blogs?  

So, what of Black & White Eventing? I’m no longer a mum of toddlers, but 7,11 and 13-year-olds, now a rider of 2 horses (more about that in another blog) and juggling my visual art and design work.

I haven’t evented for a good while… again more on that in a later blog… so Black & White Eventing isn’t ‘eventing’… Never say never right? For now, we are Dressaging with the divas, which in turn means the Eventing moniker has taken a back burner and we have had a change up to ‘Black & White Equestrian’ and a sexy new logo, reworked by him indoors, Mr Hopewell – its all about the branding baby!

So back to the point of my blog… new logo and website re-fresh aside… the question I am pondering is… is blogging worth it? I have thought long and hard about this… a whole 4 years in fact! Enough time to see equine blogging change massively, as social media has become a route for daily sharing of news, views and lifestyle. Blogging is fast paced, visual, app driven, speak to camera and a whole world of different from what it was. While I appreciate vlogs, reels and Tiktok vids, I produce & edit enough content in my day job, I don’t want to do it in my spare time… daily social media sharing is not my bag. It’s not what I am truly passionate about, so I am happy leave it to the people who do it really well. What really floats my boat, ticks my box and tickles my fancy is the slower process of writing. That is my ting! If I am musing over a topical question, thinking about life’s quirks and turns, the relationships with my family and horses or just an open and honest review of the kit I’ve been using then I am all over it. Personally, I feel that blogging provides me an outlet to express, to think and refelct. But the real point is to serve a purpose to my readers. The sharing of words, thoughts and dreams, finding commonalities and building supportive communities is what excites and engages me, and I hope as a reader they are interest to you too. In this sense blogging IS worth it, if it engages, raises new ways of thinking, makes you smile or debate… that’s what B&W is about!

So, let me welcome you to the revamped, facelifted and refreshed B&W Equestrian… and keep a look out for regular writing, reviews and maybe some visual things too… and not forgetting the Flying Cow Wanda – because as ever, she’s the star of the show – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And P.S. Note to self – do not wait another 4 years before posting on your website Nikki!

6 Thoughts

  1. Lol, I totally know how it feels to go on a long hiatus, so here’s to wishing you a longer return this time around! I am totally clueless about equine content, so you’ve really opened my eyes up to a whole new world. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ah see I don’t mind Insta as I am a photographer… but I hear what you are saying. I’m much more into the story telling element of blogging for sure.

  2. Thank you so much for your inspiring post! You certainly got me with: ‘The sharing of words, thoughts and dreams, finding commonalities and building supportive communities is what excites and engages me,…’ That’s what it’s all about. We’ve all got so many stories to tell. It’s on us alone to choose a way of telling them, through pictures, YouTube-Videos, blogs, podcasts or some other way, and that’s a very personal choice. I firmly believe that the blogging community is alive and well, and I’m so looking forward to listening to, i.e. reading your stories in the future!

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