Tried and Tested – NAF ‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ Skin Wash


As part of the recent launch this website I’ve been running a few guess the score competitions. The prize for those savvy enough to guess my final eventing scores have won some fabulous prizes donated by NAF.

One such prize is a skin wash, part of a newly launched premium skin care range for horse called ‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ which comes with a red deep cleansing towel (known as a ‘red’ cloth on our yard).

The ‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ products are all totally natural and have been formulated to complement each other in their actions, working from the inside and out to address the increasing number of skin problems that affect our horses, including lumps, bumps, rashes and irritations. In addition to the skin wash there are ‘Love the SKIN he’s In’ Skin Supplement, Skin Spray and Skin Salve, depending on your horse’s requirements.

I’ve been trailing the skin wash on Wanda so I can report back to our readers with useful feedback.

Being half cob, and a horse that is fully clipped all year round Wanda often needs a good hot towel wash after clipping or when we are competing in the winter, when I still want her looking smart. In addition she is prone to having small waxy like lumps and bumps around her fetlock area and tiny abrasions that surface when her legs are clipped out. I’m not keen to deep wash her legs repeatedly or use a strong shampoo or a lot of abrasive rubbing in this area, especially with all the wet muddy weather we have had, but I think it’s important these areas are treated and kept fresh. With this problem in mind I contacted NAF for advice and they recommended I tried the skin wash.

The great thing about ‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ Skin Wash is that it’s a totally natural product, so its effective but is gentle, so you aren’t stripping natural coat oils as you might do with a shampoo.

You can also use it in 3 ways, which means its multi functional, useful for many different horses on our yard and therefore saves me buying many different types of product. So money and storage space saved. You can use it in the following ways:

• As a hot towel wash following clipping or for a deep clean.

• A cold wash for a refreshing cleanse to lift sweat, grease and dust from the coat.

• Applied directly in concentrated form to the affected area of skin.

I’ve already used the skin was in three ways, last week after Wanda was clipped as a hot towel wash. The ‘red cloth’ was great for this. It was a chillier day so I didn’t want to hang about and for Wanda to get cold. You don’t need to use a lot, just two capfuls in a bucket, bung in the cloth, wring it out and go! The wash was very good at lifting grease and the cloth great for lifting excess hair. Wanda was soon clean and tidy and the cloth is easy to bung in the washing machine, drying quickly for the next use. I liked the fragrance of the wash; it smelt clean and refreshing without being perfumed. I’d say because the product assists with the lifting of grease and dirt Wanda did look shiner and much less scurfy after her skin wash test.

Next I tried the product directly onto the waxy scabs and small abrasions on her legs. Again I used the cleansing towel to apply the wash. The bottle has a molded handle so it’s easy to pour some onto a cloth without spilling it all over the place. The towel is soft but slightly textured so it’s easy to rub the product into the required areas. It was easy to lift the scurf, wax and little scabby bumps without causing any abrasion to Wanda. The skin wash basically removed the damaged areas of skin leaving her nice and clean and fresh. I’m not sure how easy it would be to apply the product if you horse had long feathers but I think it could be used, diluted slightly in warm water to deep clean hairier horses.

In sum, I was really impressed with the cleansing ability of the wash. Wanda was left scab free and looking smart. I haven’t had to re-apply yet so envisage it’s something I will do every 4 weeks or so when she is clipped (she really gets that hairy!).

I have yet to trial the skin wash as a cold wash as NAF suggest it can be sued to lift sweat and grease from the coat. I’m thinking though it might be something really nice to pop into a bucket of post cross country wash down water. It would certainly ensure that Wanda was nice and clean and fresh without going through a full blown shampoo. I will be trailing this at Burnham Market International event on the Thursday if anyone wants to pop down to the lorry and check out the product.

To conclude, I think NAF ‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ Skin wash is a really useful addition to my bathing routine and I would really recommend a purchase, especially to  those who clip a lot or maybe have horses prone to waxy or flaky leg lumps. As a former owner of a horse with severe allergies to cotton and some pollens I think this product is worth considering for owners in a similar situation. The high aloe content and soothing herbs could help soothe a horse with a tendency to these sorts of problems. I would also recommend the NAF cleansing towels as they work so well with the product or as a general stable rubber / washing cloth or when applying show polish. They last for ages and I really like their bright red colour as they look smart and don’t get lost! I’d like to personally thank NAF for their generous support in providing products for trial and for prizes. It is great to be able to share the products we use with our readers!

If you would like more details or advice about the product range please call the NAF Freephone Advice Line: 0800 373106, email or go to 



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