Black and White Reviews – The Muc-Out Mates Combi Pack Stable Deodoriser

I was lucky enough to be sent a free sample pack containing 2 stable & horsebox deodorising products manufactured by Muc-Out.

Anyone who has ever mucked out Wanda’s stable knows exactly how smelly it can be, we also bed on straw (we are farmers and its free!) but this does add to the pong as it isn’t as absorbent as pellets or shavings. I’ve used all sorts of stable de-oderisers, have lovely rubber mats and muck out very thoroughly but struggle with the ammonia pong and worry about its impact on our horse’s respiratory systems – ignoring the fact that I must smell ‘fragrant’ if I pop to the shops after yard duties.

The Muc-Out system has 2 stages…Firstly

You use the deodorising Bio-Enzymatic Gel when you’ve lifted your horse’s bed and removed the soiled waste. You can do it two ways – by diluting it and scattering it over the floor or by wetting the floor and scattering the gel over the wet areas. Pretty straightforward, eh?

What Muc-Out says…

The Gel instantly neutralises the burning ammonia smell with its fresh minty fragrance, while its PH neutral bio-enzymes get to work breaking down and digesting the horse urine on the floor and under the rubber matting.

Although the nasty niff of horse wee is instantly gone, the bio-enzymes will carry on deodorising & digesting for up to week.

What I thought…

Yup, easy to mix up and scatter about. The fragrance isn’t overpowering like some deodorisers that seem to just cover up one smell with another. I splashed the solution about, went to dump the muck and when I came back the stables did smell fresher. The company recommend daily use which would up the cost, but I think would make a difference.

Secondly…Sprinkle the Organic Minerals!

Lay the bed and then scatter a couple of handfuls of Muc-Out Mates Organic Minerals.

What Muc-Out says…

Muc-Out Mates Organic Minerals will absorb urine and trap the ammonium in it’s honeycomb core, preventing odour from bacteria growth, and becoming airborne as ammonia gas.

What I thought…

Again, easy to scatter and I could really notice a difference in the smell of the stables. Its fresh, not overpowering and ‘clean’ smelling. I think if this product is used regularly, even every other day it would make a difference to stable freshness and support long term respiratory health. Its easy to use and doesn’t add significantly to mucking out times.

Cost wise the products can be purchased separately or as a pack, starting at £55 for 5L of Gel and 5kg of minerals. As an idea 5L of gel will do 50 stables. There is also a generous sample pack (1L and 500g) for £11.49 and free postage.

As far as stable deodorising systems go id say this really is one of the best I’ve tried and will be ordering more. Yes, its an additional investment, but at this time of year where the horses are in for longer periods of time, Id say its something to consider. I’d also recommend it for horses on box rest, who are spending very long periods indoors. One thing I really liked about the product is that the organic minerals are safe to be disposed of on a muck heap and will benefit soil condition via a release of ammonia and nitrates into the soil when spread onto grazing land… another positive for me!

If you would like to learn more or purchase the products visit the link below. Just to note my sample pack was received free of charge. I have not received payment for this review but wanted to share how I got on as I have been very impressed. Thank you Muc-Out for the samples… you have managed to rid Wanda’s stable pong – that is medal worthy!

To purchase and find out more… click here

Wanda you filthy beast!

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